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A week that saw the revival of some legendary armies, also saw the downfall of the glorious Doritos of CP. What started off with a coup over their former leader Mustapha10 has now led to the defacing of the DCP Website which has further led to the shutting down of their Discord Server. CPOAL will be reporting all such updates here:. In order to throw more light to the current situation, we bring to you an interview with former DCP Leader, Mustapha So why did you wait to release it all now?

I definitely held them accountable for everything. Ultimately, I found out that I had no power in what their next decisions would be so I had to release it all. This was not what I created.


What I created was meant to be something more than just an army. We were supposed to be in this together. No matter what ever happened, we all promised to be in it together until the end.

I tried to replicate what DCP legends and I had set up in DCP previously — I however found the people that I put into power to become absolutely power hungry and became people of no morals and no ethics. I brought it back and have been the main leader ever since. The real DCP legacy will live on. We have updated the post with more information. Doritos 32nd Leader, Mustapha10 led Doritos to it highest point in history.

Having led DCP through tohe managed to achieve maxes of over 70 penguins consistently. Despite this success, the decision was made on April 15th,by Doritos Creator, WWE, to remove the legend from power.

Continue reading for the breaking news! By the end of the summer, the league had temporarily closed but it was re-opened in August by Epic We have had over 30 Armies registered with our Army League since August and we are always looking for more and new armies to register! If you would like to register with us, join our discord server and read our register channel.

We never really had a chance to have a chat with them so the reporter crew have decided to have this segment so we cant get to know the board members better. Today we bring you to one of our most memorable board members, give it up for Epic My first ever army was the Pirates when I was recruited through a Monchoncho tracking xat group chat many years ago.

Over time, I worked my way up the ranks to become a 4th In Command only for the Pirates to later merge into the Light Troops in where I received the same rank.

cp online discord

I stuck it out with the Light Troops through — where I then earned an Owner rank and became part of the Light Troops owner squad.The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop! This post is just my opinion on why I believe the Light Troops is the greatest army to ever exist.

They robbed us of victory on Saturday but we got our revenge last night. As a result of this, we will be invading Mammoth tomorrow. Good job Light Troops. Earlier today we logged on for Operation Drill. This event was a huge success. Insane numbers. We constantly prove why we are the most legendary army of all time. Well done to all users that attended. Do not miss the battle training on Thursday.

cp online discord

Today we logged on to have a short training session on Outback on Club Penguin Online. We did phenomenal as expected, our tactics and formations were amazing. Continue working hard and continue recruiting. Last night we logged on to Outback on Club Penguin Online for our official return event.

Good job to all users who attended this event. Blog at WordPress. WP Designer. Club Penguin Online: Light Troops.We were the strongest army in Club Penguin army history. We were created on February 8, by Mustapha10, and we lived strong all the way until Club Penguins closure. We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone. Every community has their personal approaches of communicating with each other, perchance through making group chats or meetups.

Most of our attendees answered the same, It had not really changed or impacted the community since not many people know about it. Have any ideas for the next article? Make sure to comment below! The IW is making a last minute attempt to invade our capital scheduling back to back invasions early in the morning alongside their allies at the same time. We will fight this, and annihilate all opponents. Four armies were all dressed in blue and we still managed to outnumber them and outperform them all.

That shows how dominant we truly are and proves that we are the greatest army to exist. I quickly climbed up the ranks, along with Mustapha10, 32op, and Carter. It became evident pretty early on that the Doritos Army was more than just some Club Penguin chatroom, it was an online family. During the first few years, all I could remember is how excited I would be to log on to my computer and catch up with my friends from DCP.

While my history with DCP has been somewhat muddled, what became apparent is how I found myself drawn back to the army after every departure. I led alongside some of the most respected figures in the community, and got to lead some troops who went on to outdo my own accomplishments within the army community. This one may get me some heat, especially after recent events.

However, in my heart, I know it is only right to give credit to the man who taught me nearly everything I needed to know about armies. During this time, he would always push me to keep putting in the work to rank up.

Say what you will about Mustapha, but he does have a way with motivating people to push to their absolute limits. We were both owners early on in DCP history, and 32 was always there for me.

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He has never once given up, and many of us look up to him to this day. A true leader and absolute legend. I love ya man. No amount of words can even begin to describe how proud I am of Meer. He was very loyal, super sweet and humble, and everyone in the army liked him. To see him grow into one of the most accomplished leaders in DCP history is absolutely touching to see.

Meer is so dedicated to Doritos, he was recruiting for us while banned from the army. I know he will grow up to be something great outside of armies. I love ya. You have always been true to DCP, time and time again. I respect you so much for never betraying DCP regardless of what you had to personally gain from it. The loyalty to DCP that Possum03 has shown ever since she joined the army has been humbling.

She has never once compromised on her morals.Ever wanted to join the official Club Penguin Remade discord server? Well, the invite links to the Discord server are currently opened! Click the button below to join:.

cp online discord

Welcome to the official Club Penguin Remade Discord server! Here are the rules you will have to follow while you chat here. Don't send any software in the server. Intentionally sending malware will result in an instant ban. Before playing music in the Music voice channel, you must remember that the music you're about to play follows the Music Rules that are pinned in bot-spam.

Do NOT ping any roles randomly except for bot roles. Please only ping roles during a Discord raid or other urgent request regarding CP Remade. If you break one again or do it on purpose, you shall be punished with a mute, kick or ban.

If you see someone breaking the rules, please report it to a Moderator in DMs and don't send it in the chat. These emotes are constantly being updated. This list was last updated on 12 June All emotes can be used in Discord by typing the name of the emote that is included in parentheses in each description between two colons.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Discord server is also used to post art and suggest ideas to the Administrators and others. Contents [ show ].

Club Penguin Remade Discord server during staff testing in a perspective of a game tester. First server icon for the Club Penguin Remade Discord server. Current server icon for the Club Penguin Remade Discord server. The worst possible emote you can use in the Club Penguin Remade Discord :dab:. Categories :.The Ice Warriors are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin.

Like all other armies we have a nation, a government, and of course a chat! We hope you have a great time in the Ice Warriors and experiencing our site. The bronze medal goes to Gijennings for her costume of Ursela from the little mermaid. The silver medal goes to Silentxtoad for her moth lady and Loyal pet bunny costume. The gold medal and this weeks champion for the second week in a row goes to…….

Kally for her Evil fairy queen costume, Well done Kally! I just wish it were someone more known, more prestigious within the community. Basically what this kid wants is, he wants me to acknowledge him. Lets break down your post? Spyguy, Ghost, Flamez, Final Chaser and myself of course.

Wow what a legend, WWE. I retired the week DW got first place for the first time in May. Son, you only got first twice, and not even back to back. Andrew came in and began leading IW in with his crew, which he led the Golds army prior to this, whom maxed 10 at events. His first IW leadership stint was during the time where multilogging was a big thing in armies, and I can confirm from being in the loop that he was doing the same thing as other armies while leading IW.

Multilogging only became a thing during April Kinda weird that DCP spiked around there huh? IW hit over sizes of 65 multiple times in March during the March Madness Tournament Ask Musty, he might know a thing or two about that tournament :wink:. Like really? Get out WWE. There are pictures of that aswell somewhere laying about.

Makes sense it happened considering two of them are DCP Legends lol.We dominated them in each room that we battled in. Even in the rooms where they had the advantage after entering early not once but twice we still managed to dominate them and out-size and out-perform them.

We are the biggest Club Penguin Army right now. Well done RF. Last night we logged on for Operation; Red Sea. This was just our second event since our official return to the Army Community.

Well done to all troops that attended this event. Do not miss the huge battle later. Earlier today we hosted our official return event. The Redemption Force has officially returned with a bang. We are going to continue to grow in the coming days and weeks, we are already a force to be reckoned with.

Less than a week ago Redemption Force was in a depression under the failure they call DMT, it took him nearly two weeks to max 5 and it took me three days to max Club Penguin Online. Redemption Force Army.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.We are one of the largest and strongest armies of Club Penguin.

Our goal is not only to protect all of Club Penguin from evil, but to be the best and most fun army around. We hope you enjoy your stay with us! T Commanders. Ausia was spectacular. Clean formations and big sizes. Max 41 Average To be honest I just woke up and realized in 30 min we are having an Ausia event. Totally unexpected. Frozen Zuke — S. The battle pictures and lockout pictures will be posted separately. This is a part of history. I reopen S. T and we hit in a week. Keep up the momentum.

We literally made history, and this was also my first event back in the saddle. What a perfect way to return! Hey SWAT! As expected, it was an easy win for us! Everyone in SWAT exceeded our expectations today and it is clear we are improving, from doing tactics on time to getting into formation fast — good job. Coins will be awarded tonight and promotions given out. This event far exceeded our expectations, and we are super proud of all of our SWAT agents for this one!


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